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Coach Excellence School for Ministry Leaders

The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out. – Proverbs 20:5

Coaching is a skill that positively impacts a person’s mindset, heart and behaviors. By developing the skill of coaching, Ministry Leaders support members and leadership teams to draw upon the God-given talents entrusted in them to share with the world.

How Do Coaching Skills Support Ministry Leaders?

The Coach Excellence School is based on the world-renowned Principle-Centered Coaching™ system, proven effective for more than twelve years. This course has been designed and continues to be enhanced by master coaches, executive coaches and ministry leaders.

The Coach Excellence School instructors are dedicated to delivering the best mediums for coaching training, e.g., in-classroom facilitation, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and presentations.


  • Increase member engagement
  • Impact members’ ability to retain more of the message
  • Resolve conflicts and create a culture of collaboration
  • Improve focus and effectiveness
  • Enhance communication and facilitation skills
  • Elevate commitment to the Ministry and personal vision

Coaching Program Options

Skill Development –

Discover the Value of Coaching

(3 Hours of Training)
Participants will discover the value of coaching, how it can be used within their ministry, a brief overview of coaching skills, and how coaching can empower others.

Fundamental Coaching –

Learn to Communicate with Impact

(3 Days of Training)
Ministry Leaders will learn how coaching skills improve communication and enhance the effects of their message. Throughout this training, participants will gain knowledge of the coaching process, discover how to engage in coaching conversations, and experience what makes the combination of coaching and training significant.



Teri Werner Hobbs

Certified Trainer and Coach Excellence School Certified Coach

Teri’s background includes education at Seminary, and practical experience in business and ministry. She has a great passion to support those in ministry through coaching and training which has been evident in her dedication to empowering others in the marketplace and ministry for more than three decades.

Teri is a member of the Coach Excellence School faculty as a Certified Coach and Trainer